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Share your hobby story with us!

Covert Intervention Game Force20 SWAT Team

Covert Intervention Games A.R.C. Shadow Wars Desert GameEvery day our team works in the studio and in the production warehouse designing and making world class games and miniatures for you. It means a lot when we can see what your hobby looks like. Your hobby is the reason we are here making the products you want to play those amazing games with.

Share your hobby blogs, battle reports, videos, and photos and we may feature it on the Covert Intervention Games website or social media streams for the world to see. Especially if our games or Force20 or Elhiem miniatures are featured.

Show off what your hobby unique to you our your game club

Bradleys in the FightShare your pictures of your games or latest Force20 or Elhiem miniatures you are painting up. It would make our day if you emailed photos and more information at so we can share them with the whole studio team. We do read emails and we do respond to to share our thanks!

Send us your stunning games and battle reports

Modern Combat GameSome of the best games are not only tactically challenging but a visual treat as well. Tell us about your battles and what made them challenging! Share your tactical plans and commiserate with others in their victories and losses.

Or you can check out our blog and share your comments on our Blog!

Meet with us in person at upcoming events

We travel to various gaming conventions and shows all over North America and across the globe. We also often pop in to local game stores for demos, hobby lessons, and more. Check out our Events Page and if you are at these events stop by and  share your hobby with us in person.