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Bio Syndrome - The apocalypse has come.

The apocalypse is still happening here. Bio Syndrome is still happening and we do not know how to stop it.


The original H2-B10 virus continued to rampage across the globe, cause and origin unknown. First third world governments broke down as the violence spread, and then as the infections continued to spread out of control first world populations beganto panic as suburban towns and cities would falter and fail under the strain of holding back the infection.

Covert Intervention Games Bio Syndrome Game Western governments formed a coalition of military forces and deployed them into the hot zones to stem the tide of the zombie terror. In two weeks most coalition forces deployed were almost wiped out and become part of the infected hordes, leaving the remaining civilian populace to their fate with no relief in sight.

As a last ditch effort, cities lost to the infection all over the world are bombed with nuclear weapons by their own governments in an attempt to burn down and hold back the infected. The infected not destroyed are eventually more dangerous as the original H2-B10 virus mutated into different strains infecting more than just humans. Worse mutations take place in areas of high radioactive fallout.

A well financed and equipped private syndicate of private companies jointly known only as "The Company" appeared and were suspiciously unaffected by the viral outbreak and are showing up in more and more hot spots recently. they were always well armed and in force. The Company began killing indiscriminately between infected and survivors. Their true intentions completely suspicious.

US Coalition Soldier - Bio Syndrome The remnants of the western coalition marshaled their forces using several operational bases: two of which were an abandoned oil rig with an aircraft carrier moored in Norfolk Virginia and the old Cheyenne Mountain complex. All the while attempting to discover and extinguish the source of the outbreak before there is no hope left.

Isolated survivors have it the worst. Limited weapons, limited supplies, they tend to stick together and run when things go wrong. ...and things go wrong often.


Covert Intervention Games has acquired the complete intellectual property rights and materials for Bio Syndrome.These are the latest rules as we received them. We are excited to further develop the world of Bio Syndrome where humanity is at the brink of extinction. The background has some great structure and we see a lot of potential in future development with the rules and with future content modules.


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The game is completely free to our Inner Circle members as a perk we share with you and more to come!

If you want to get your free download of the last updated rules for this game just follow this link and select BioSyndrome on the online store for your cart and go through the check out process (you do not have to purchase anything to get Bio Syndrome for free!)

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Covert Intervention Games will be adding updates and background to the rules which will always be free to download. Additionally CIG will be adding new content to the game moving forward in form of modules and of course miniatures fully compatible with the updates.

If you have any questions or problems just shoot us an email to and we will get you sorted with our legendary service.

Consider these great miniatures to go with your game of Bio Syndrome:


US Army Troops as Coalition forces or paint them black to act as The Company forces

 Reluctant Heroes as survivors

Zombies as... well... You know... Zombies!