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About Us

Covert Intervention Games FoundersCovert Intervention Games (CIG) is a plucky little game company founded by some amazing folks who are military veterans, former game company directors, war gaming hobbyists all rolled into one. You are the reason we are here and the key to continued success.

Game Play using Force20 miniaturesWe know you love great games with exciting and emergent game play, realistic, easy to understand mechanics, and the best miniatures in the world. You deserve better games! We play our own games constantly to ensure a great experience and high replay value. We invite you to challenge our thinking in what a game can be or how to make complex effects easier on the table top.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!” We believe games help everyone stay kids at heart.

We are building you the next generation of games providing entertainment to seasoned hobbyists and actively recruiting new hobbyists to your exciting miniatures hobby.

  • We provide you a legendary experience!

  • We manufacture games and miniatures you want in 20mm scale
  • We will surprise and delight you as customers.

  • We are a veteran owned service disabled small business.

  • We create jobs and hire the hard working people to support themselves and their families locally.

Force20 SWAT

We love to hear from you about your hobby, your needs, and your next project!

Covert Intervention Games team at work testing gamesIf you want to drop us a line you can contact us the following ways:


Our Facebook Page: Covert Intervention Games

Phone: +1 571-599-2929

Twitter: @CovIntGames

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Please reach out to us soon and let us know how we can make your hobby awesome!