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Reluctant Heroes - S.W.A.T.  "Hunter" Squad Bundle - SX-0010

Covert Intervention Games

Reluctant Heroes - S.W.A.T. "Hunter" Squad Bundle - SX-0010

$ 17.50

Sometimes SWAT teams band together to hunt down and destroy vectors of contamination or evils in the shadows. Sometimes hunting the evils the only way to stop evil before it gets worse. They will go into the darkest and most remote subways, basements, tunnels, and underground labs to find them. If they fail... all of humanity could perish.

This is a 13 Model SWAT Team Hunter Squad Bundle!

This is the only way to get some SWAT models at this time to include the shot gunner advancing, and several female SWAT Operators!

A Variety of Operators in different poses moving toward the next threat.

All in our finest 20mm scale collection.

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