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Whats coming in 2017!

A.R.C.: Shadow War CIG News

We definitely have our new games coming along for 2017 and we wanted to give you a hint as to what is coming!

We are putting considerable effort into our Pulps/Conspiracy in the modern era war game called A.R.C. Shadow Wars with a number of exciting factions and miniatures to go with them, and many more to follow. This will be released initially with several options in early 2017. Some of the miniatures for A.R.C. have already been released on our site and more are coming and already past prototyping. 

Expect an epic starter boxed game titled A.R.C.:Outbreak at San Murete which creates a game experience where two groups of people are pitted against a infected zombie outbreak in a remote southwestern desert on the border. Battles take place around the local diner/gas station with a small trailer park nearby. The box will give a nice selection of Heroes and and Infected Zombie miniatures, our basic rule booklet for A.R.C.: Shadow Wars, a great scenario booklet and with some other game play items and accessories.

We are spending a LOT of time game testing in our soon to be announced modern combat game. We want to best to capture the feel of modern combat, tactical options, and realism in our game mechanics. We already have done testing with games in the last year with Department of Defense experts. Additionally we have some of the top subject matter experts on the most current order of battle for each nation, and subject matter experts on weapon systems and tactics all supporting our efforts to make sure the units are right, the weapons ranges are to scale and applications are spot on. We feel very confident in our efforts to ensure an exciting game play experience.

We are doing all of this work to ensure simple yet elegant game play, nuanced tactics, and keeping heavy rules and heavy dice mechanics to a minimum because of how we are doing the math in the background.
If all goes well in the next few weeks we will have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS to make which we think everyone will be excited about.

We would seriously consider any feedback from our fans out there. Anything from rules mechanics, to which miniatures you want to see produced. Thanks for your inputs and ideas.

Feel free to post to this thread below or email us directly at

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