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September 11 2001... A day which shall live in infamy.

My military career changed completely after 11 September 2001. So did many other veterans.

The world changed... and a lot of us in the western world were angry as hell. Too many innocent people who were just going to work that day died. I lost a few friends and acquaintances in the towers that day. 

Some elected to leave the service. Many men and women chose to join the service in the years that followed... knowing they were going to war. Some of us stayed in and fought in the close to 17 years and counting of constant wars and conflicts which have followed.

two years later A few soldiers and myself were lucky as we were able to go into New York and enter ground zero for a short look inside the gutted buildings and the giant hole which was still having debris cut out. I was still angry... I'll never forget that day.

Lets all take a moment to remember the victims... and the veterans who fought for their families left behind today.

The video below is a great motivator. Watch it. You may get a bit emotional.


- John @ Covert Intervention Games

Full Credit for the video goes to RangerJesse

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