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HMGS COLD WARS Convention 2017 - Amazing Event

Covert Intervention arrived at HMGS Cold Wars 2017 this year and the snowy weather stayed away allowing us to travel to the convention in the truck, with all the miniatures, scenery, display cases, banners, boxes, and other convention only specials we could fit in. Luckily there had more than enough room that I could bring the leader of the Omega Agency Morale Squad with me - Abby Cadabby! Abby is a special rescue dog who greeted everyone at the booth with a wagging tail and sweet demeanor. Gamers and Hobbyists alike would often pop by just to see how Abby was doing.

Ed and Me at Cold WarsWe were already squeezed for space because we more than doubled the Force20 line from the original time we booked the booth space. Luckily turns out a good friend Ed Spettigue from Battle Valor Games was at our backs and we were able to help each other out through out the show and share some space between the booths.The Battle Valor Games line of 15mm Fantasy and Medieval miniatures and scenery are amazing and are a treat to see. Ed and I both worked at Games Workshop years ago and it was great to spend time with him, catch up and have some laughs as well.  


As I set up I found out CIG were adjoining and sharing space with Wargames Illustrated and made fast friends with Wayne and Bob introducing them to American root beer while they shared marmite spread and 'crisps' with us. (I think they got the better deal). During the few quiet movements of the conventions we shared old war stories of miniatures gaming and our love of the hobby. Keep your eyes on their magazine our miniatures will be displayed in future copies of their very colorful pages.








Cold Wars Vendor Hall

If you have never been to any of the HMGS conventions they are worth the trip. As a Gamer the selection in the vendor hall is huge! Every company in the hobby is there. So your choices are pretty good and if you can't find it here, it probably isn't made yet; but if you ask about something, you may wind up talking to the original sculptor, or the owner of the company who may decide to make what you are asking about because you mentioned it.

Covert Intervention Games BoothStanding between the demo table and the display cabinet

If you stopped by to see us you saw the CIG displays and demos of games. We felt honored to have met so many of you in person who have emailed us or chatted with us on our Facebook page or Facebook messenger with questions previously.

Some of you were lucky and got a free miniature for answering one of our trivia questions. Many of you saw some of the new hobby support and scenery products as well before they were released online. We will continue to try and bring some surprises to the conventions as a treat. 

The CIG team did our best to make sure we had plenty of stock on hand for everyone but even then you guys bought out of a few popular packs of miniatures at the shows.  If there is something you really want to pick up for yourself at the convention be sure to Pre-order it and have it reserved just for you and delivered for pick up at the CIG booth.

Discussing Miniatures and Games with Fellow HobbyistsForce20 Terrorist Minions use a truck for cover as they move down the street

Also at the show we were able to show off some of the upcoming Elhiem miniatures  coming for all those modern games you know you want the most amazing minatures for. The US Army and Russian Ground Forces we will have available for pre-order very soon to go with our imminent release of our closed beta of the modern rules set for those who want early access and want to provide additional feedback.

But lets get to the real reason people come to these great conventions - to enjoy their hobby with their fellow hobbyists! Its not just your average games either, this is the grand spectacle of the hobby in all its glory.

European Historical War Game

Collecting, Building, Painting and Playing Games with miniatures and models to create battlefields from history or our imaginations and magnificently painted armies fighting over them.

an winter battlefield in the savage northern country

Interesting tactical decision making with difficult choices and options in a variety of terrain, eras, and weather conditions.

some folks go all out with displays for their tables

And the gaming goes from morning until late in the evening from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. Well worth the trip no matter what part of the hobby interests you.

The CIG team would love to hear your stories of what you did at the convention. Share links to your own Blog Posts with us below and if you mention us in your blog even better!

- John, Bill, and Abby Cadabby



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