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Covert Intervention Games in exclusive deal to manufacture the Elhiem Ltd. miniatures line!


Covert Intervention Games has signed an exclusive deal with Elhiem Ltd. to manufacture and offer their detailed range of 20mm scale miniatures and fully integrate them into the amazing games Covert Intervention Games has in development.

Elhiem 20mm miniaturesWe are excited to work with Elhiem Ltd.. It was an easy decision to support the fantastic 20mm war games community globally with such a great product offering which we will fully integrate with our games and other hobby offerings in development.

Starting with releases in March/April and expanding further over the next year we will be offering the full range of miniatures -adding close to 6000 miniatures to the complete line of miniatures at Covert Intervention Games. The CIG team has been bursting to let this information out for weeks but we had to maintain the secret until now.

We have been quietly testing our ultra-modern war game to be released this year with Elhiem miniatures and our Force20 line to make sure we were able to provide the gaming experience everyone wants with a complete force offering from one site.

Over the next few months you will see more pictures released of our games featuring those miniatures and we will be sharing more on our rules sets and give you the opportunity to try them out at every convention we attend.  

We have a great deal in common in both companies, and expect to mutually support each other's success with constant communication and complimentary capabilities. Expect some great things to come from this partnership.

At the end of the day this partnership benefits all the 20mm war games and miniatures hobbyists with more access to miniatures and games globally on our website, at gaming conventions, and at your favorite local game store.

As always our amazing customer service will be available for the full range of products we offer. Free no hassle returns, free shipping for orders over $100 in North America/$150 overseas, and our exciting loyalty programs are all in effect for the new products as well.


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  • Alan on

    Will Elhiem still be supplying UK customers?

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