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Serving military duty last month | We continued amazing customer service

Some of you may have noticed we went quiet online for a short bit last month. This is because some of us were away on military duty with the reserves. What any of you who ordered from us did not notice was a change in our great service.

Photos of time at the range and in the piney woods out in the field.

While some on our staff team have honorably retired from the military, a few (including the author), are still serving in the profession of arms proudly.

One of the challenges we face as a small business is how we handle making sure the business continues to run smoothly when staff are serving when duty calls. We hope as our customers we are able to share a bit as to why this experience is so valuable to our company and why we work extra hard to ensure customers get great service from our team.

By always having contingency back up plans and a culture where everyone pitches in it means when something goes wrong, we dont break down -And our customers get what they ordered on time and with amazing responsive customer service.

If your order was placed before 3PM EST its very likely its going out the same day, and definitely within 24 hours.

If you call us and we do not answer because we are in the shop/warehouse or on the line with another customer we are giving amazing customer service to, we will definitely call you back right away.

(The below pictures shows Author does not take himself too seriously either...)

As we continue to produce our miniatures and games we want to hear your ideas and feedback.  If there is something we can do to make your gaming experience better let us know. We love to hear from those who share our passion for fun games. :)

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