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A.R.C.: Shadow Wars = Modern Era + Conspiracies + Pulps + Secret Wars

A.R.C.: Shadow War Design Studio

Imagine the modern world… everything is how you would expect.  People go to school or work, they raise families, buy things at shops, spend time reading or watching TV. Their neighborhoods vary, their backgrounds vary. Crime  rises and falls as people move and shift in the bustle of their existence.

Global and local politics shifts and ebbs with the times. Not much out of place. To just about everyone life is normal. Quiet, and almost pleasant.

Some rare people… those rare people see things as they really are.

People disappear sometimes never to be found, Most die and usually not pleasantly.

Sometimes they disappear choosing not to be found, usually hiding from justice or fear.

Some people choose to disappear to protect us all…



So what is modern pulps?

Covert Intervention Games Pulps games and miniaturesModern Pulps is essentially our interpretation of the old pulps novels full of intrigue, fantasy, science fiction, the occult and a whole lot of conspiracy. Imagine what would happen if the likes of Agent13, Indiana Jones, the Shadow, Dick Tracy, the Avenger, Mandrake the Magician, Lady Fury, Doc Savage, Doctor Death, Doctor Yin Sin, and C'thulhu had been born and lived in our era and had the same kinds of adventures?

Now imagine the likes of todays technology, sophistication, and conspiracies mixed in... things like chem trails, new world order, illuminati, the templars, shadow armies, secret societies, and cults...

Now... what if it wasn't just a story... what if it was all real? just happening all around us if we knew what to look for. That,s what modern pulps has become.

So what is A.R.C.: Shadow Wars?

A.R.C. Shadow WarsA.R.C.: Shadow Wars takes modern pulps and creates an exciting challenging skirmish game based on a modern day interpretation of pulps, fantasy, and sci-fi themes all rolled into the conspiracy theories of the last 1000+ years.

A tactical tabletop war game to be fully supported by amazing miniatures, models, and scenery and immersive background.

Covert Intervention Games A.R.C.: Shadow Wars Undercover Agents firing against Terrorist MinionsPlayed with two or more players, the options are unlimited as all sides are in conflict against each other on amazing battlefields the players create. Each side represents a force of ordinary and extraordinary beings attempting to save all of mankind or destroy it.

Play the most steadfast of heroes, or possibly insidious  forces of the occult, foul aliens, infected zombie contagions, or a shadow organization bent on world domination.

Covert Intervention Games A.RC.: Shadow Wars Terroirst Minions advance into firing positionsOften after researching each faction and their conspiratorial agenda, which one is the good guy and bad guy is often up for debate. 

We want to hear from people who are into all aspects of the hobby on this game  and our miniatures. If your hobby is collecting, building, painting, or playing games then your comments could impact the miniatures, factions, and images of what is to come!


Factions for every player.

We are providing some brief summaries of the factions which are already in production 0r in development. We have so many more factions planned!

The Omega Agency

The last line of defense. A combination of black operations and men in black suits  with a massive black budget and government support, but which government? If there is a conspiracy out there these are the guys behind it or trying to stop it (If it’s true). Military forces with special skills, psychic abilities, and knowledge of the forbidden arts. Think: Well resourced Special Ops Forces and Ninjas meets PsykWar Magycks as a cohesive team. But whose side are they really on?

Corrupt Infection Zombies…

Seriously? They are everywhere. Where the hell did they all come from? Weapon – Z program? Plague H1-Zulu3? Dark Voodoo ritual? Whats worse is some are fast, some are extremely quiet... all of them are raging and hungry! Some very bad people are making more of them. Shoot them in the head before they get to you!

M.A.D. Sciences Organization

If Mad Scientists everywhere pooled their resources and talents and covered their diabolical actions by telling the world they were an organization dedicated to world peace this is what you would get. Complete with Cyborg Monsters like "Mini Slot", Weird racial hybrids like the “Bear Shark”, Giant Spiders, minions, and strange weapons spewing plasma and humming with arcane power.





You can also find out more on our A.R.C.:Shadow Wars page which we will continuously update with more information on upcoming factions and more!




You can comment below, or email us directly at

We can't wait to hear what the hobby community adds to the development efforts.

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