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Covert Intervention Games -What's it all about?

Meet "The Bogey", This is our Mascot and our Logo.

Hi, Covert Intervention Games, (C.I.G. for short), is a scrappy new game company which makes the fun games which social and serious war gamers alike have wanted. We are made up of mostly combat veterans who also happen to be veteran war gamers most of which have worked in the war games industry for over 20 years.

We are on a mission to make exciting innovative changes to the table top war games industry, and at the same time bring back the golden age of the hobby where the most boys and girls played games of daring and valor on the table top.

(Photo above from early tests with our modern combat game in development: Bradley IFVs with dismounted infantry provide overwatch or move into position while several downed air crew move to them. In the distance MEC infantry light forces with T-72 Tanks in support move toward the village in an attempt to capture the air crew.)

C.I.G. recognizes the benefits of friends gathering together around a table to relax and share a common interest. So, as we take this amazing journey we know our success depends on delivering amazing immersive experiences and exciting products that appeal to gamers.

(Photo Above from our creative studio space: Testing new early concepts for our games, see notepad and iPad for capturing information and results; Several cameras to capture visual examples.)

Our approach to building war games is keep it simple to play and exciting to master. we develop games so friends come together, and play some games while sharing some pints and pretzels around a game table. We know everything we develop must continue to make your games the best in the world for us to be the best in the world as a war games company.

(Photo Above: We use the actual manuals when available and cutting edge information to bring the most up to date and realistic game experience to tabletop.)

Our team are excited to say they are part of C.I.G.; a team made up of mostly veterans with a LOT of real world experience which translates to an immersive game experience.

Benjamin Franklin said:

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

Keep checking out our Blog at for exciting up-to-the-moment news and content; to read great game and "how to" articles; and to get our thoughts on how real-world events at large can play into your games.

We hope you join our crusade to bring the tabletop war games hobby to new players and old players alike in a positive and fun way!

- John and Bill (Founders)

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